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Your health and wellbeing is our highest priorty, and because the German reputation is one of the best in the world, you too can benefit from the latest medical German technologies. You will be able to choose between a list of specialist and the best medical establishement in the country. And we will make sure to arrange  the appointments with the doctors as well as Visa application process to ensure  a pleasant stay in Germany.

German medical consulting services network is active in the following fields:

Bariatric surgery- all kinds
Cardiology/ Hypertention Specialist
Nephrology Specialist
Endocrinologist/ Diabetes Specialist
Orthopedic Specialist

Bypass Surgery Specialist – all kinds
Endoscopy Specialist
Stroke Rehablitation
Stem-cell Specialist
Rheumatism Specialist

The best hospitals in Germany

Our 20 years of expertise in the medical consulting gave us the opportunity to grow our contact network to provide you a wide choice of doctors. We do select our specialists and hospitals according to a very strict preselection. Only the best doctors and hospitals with the highest success rate for each treatment are selected for recommendation.


Special offer: A small list of German doctors and specialists

Contains over 50 Names of the best doctors in Germany, adresses, each with email and phonenumbers for:  adipositas, stomach, intestine, liposuction, bodylifting, multiple sclerosis, parkinson
hypertension, heart surgeon, cariology, diabetes, hand surgery, foot surgery, knee surgery  and much more…

Take control of your health now -do self-research first -download the list now – cost once 20$


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Office Germany: Managementservice; Großscheider Str. 1; 53819 Neunkirchen Seelscheid, Germany;
email:; phone: +49 1512 0957418

German Medical Advisory