About us -treatment options Germany


We are a team of entrepreneurs, doctors and therapists. We look into our cases individually with a high dedication to offer people an overview of the best possible treatment options in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Through our 20 years of experience, we have built a network to leading specialists, doctors and scientists in various medical specialties. Thus we are able to assist each patient with the specialist practitioner for each case.

Medical Care Services:

Our Medical Care Services connect you with the best available doctors in our network discretely, with a promise of a complete confidentiality about your identity and medical information throughout the treatment. We will individually take care of every patient, from arrival to departure, we will assist you personally. And we will make sure that your expectations will match our standards in luxury, and world known German hospitality. As we know, our patients always need support from their family and friends during their medical trip, that’s why we make sure to provide your beloved ones a “Sur-Mesure” program, so they can enjoy an easy and relaxing experience.


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