Safety through the preliminary examination


In the past we made the experience that individual, medical preliminary examinations are advantageous. That is the reason why our service belongs to the premium segment, because we can draw from a pool of longstanding experience. However, we don´t take every case, especially in a case when we don’t have experience with the individual symptoms and the underlying disease.  So it is only reasonable to examine in advance if we can help at all.
The procedure: Get in contact with us with the form “start preliminary examination”. Fill in your name and contact dates and upload your medical documents like the patient file, test results, CT scans or any other records you have. For this procedure we take a small amount as expense allowance in advance. Based on the filed material and your treatment of choice we can see exactly if our “medical case manager” can accept your case or if we can help you successfully with our list of specialists.
First we will look through your documents personally and afterwards we will talk anonymous with a group of specialists to discuss about the chances and risks. Afterwards we will inform you if we can accept your case or not.
In case we are not able to accept your case, neither our offered list of specialists nor the medical case manager could help you.
But when our decision is positive, both the list of specialists and the case manager will help you. The amount which you transferred for the preliminary examination will be credited completely for all further steps.


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