Terms of use


The function of Crescentcross and red lion is to find the best German specialist for patients, who can not end there therapy in their home countries to their satisfaction. Due to at least 20 years of experience in different sectors of the health care system we dispose of a terrific network of medical specialists. Our customers have a perfect profit of this network as there is not only one specialist to examine them but a large team of specialists, so the patient can choose many options for his treatment. He has total freedom in his therapy.


Possibilities of service provisions


1.    Advance test:
First we prove if we dispose of enough specialists for every special case and if they can accept the patient. This advance test is based on the information with which the patient provides us.In case you continue the order in the sector “medical case manager” you get all information around the doctors and hospitals who are responsible. The costs are  just a few Euro ( from case to case) and the payment has to be in advance. Our guarantee: if your advance test will be positive and you will use our medical case manager, we will credit the amount on your account.

2.    Medical case manager
This frequently booked service includes the complete support in every stage during the therapy. Before the therapy begins (stage 1):  we look through all existing medical papers of the patient and discuss the possible ways of therapy with all available specialists. Further we prove if the state of health is good enough to admit the patient definitely to a German hospital or medical institution. The different options of therapy are brought together and will be transmitted to the patient.

The following information will be provided:

-the specialists and hospital names and contact dates
-a description of the possible measures
-expense budgeting for every measure
-the planned duration for the therapy

In extraordinary cases we recommend to use the advance test.  We want to point this explicitly out against background of saving costs. Not every case can be accepted what follows already from the advance test. The costs are substantially larger because the medical case manager causes essential more expenditure in stage 1.
When the therapy in stage 2 begins we will organize:

-the negotiation with the required hospital or doctor about the beginning of the therapy, the essential modalities and we support you in the visa application.
-the pick up from the airport and the transfer to the location where you will be medicated
-we will help you with the check in in the hospital and to handover the patient
-on request we will organize a first class hotel and a driver
-on request we will organize a framework program

After the therapy, stage 3
We will organize:

-the connecting therapy/rehabilitation or treatment at a health resort
-aftercare in regular intervals in Germany
-all case-related options

3.    List of the best hospitals and doctors in Germany
We offer a list of the best doctors and hospitals from our point of view for everybody who wants to use our network. You are able to buy this list and after the payment you can download the list. This list contains all addresses and contact dates as well as the declaration of all treatment methods in which the specialists and hospitals are specified.We offer all essential information, to negotiate independently with the specialists.

Our guarantee: in case you cannot get along with the list you have the option to book the “medical case manager” afterwards at any time. The complete purchasing price of the list will be deducted.